Friday, May 17, 10-11 a.m.

We will highlight:

  • Key design factors and site layout considerations, field experiences, water conservation utilizing innovative backwash recycling for >99.7% recovery 
  • Performance data from installations of AD26 and AD26L media technologies at multiple sites across the country.  

We all know that arsenic, iron, and manganese are common groundwater contaminants in Indiana and Illinois that have serious concerns both aesthetically and from a health perspective.  

Stacked aerator/filter packages or oxidation/filtration with Greensand Plus are the conventional methods for treating these types of contaminants. However, proven innovative medias, such as AdEdge’s high rate oxidation/filtration AD26 and AD26L, offer significant advantages compared to the traditional approaches. Most notably, the use of AD26 and AD26L results in smaller footprints and lower capital costs, turning a project that may be out of reach for you or your client, into a reality.