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The Pacemaker Series

VC Systems & Controls

Booster System
The Pacemaker Series, our flagship product, was developed for all booster applications and high end projects. Completely customizable to fit specific job requirements with the broadest range and most advance capabilities.

Ideal for variable speed pressure boosters, tank fill, rainwater collection, emergency water systems, and more. Designed specifically for the high end commercial market: Universities, hospitals, banks, resorts, and other facilities that demand the highest quality and most features.

HVAC Pumping Skids: Features and Benefits

  • Electrical components, pumps and piping are all factory assembled, piped and wired.
  • in-coming power, control wiring (sensors and EMS communications) and two pipe connections are all that’s required to install.
  • ASME certified welders.


Provided by: Covalen

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