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Covalen has managed municipal/environmental projects for utilities for over 20 years, starting with sewer projects. Since that time, our offerings have expanded to include packaged water and wastewater treatment plants. Product lines also include packaged water and wastewater treatment plants, booster stations, wastewater lift stations – both indoor and outdoor – and UV disinfection equipment for both clean and dirty water. Covalen manufactures its own line of floating aeration and mixing equipment for lagoons and equalization basins. Specialty wastewater collection system basins ranging from concrete and fiberglass with factory assembled plumbing and accessories. We also do custom controls for all of our commercial and industrial products. We customize services for installation and repair all of our products.



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COVALEN is SMART INFRASTRUCTURE. With a track record of excellence in solving water, wastewater, plumbing and HVAC solutions. As hardware wholesaler or structural consultant, COVALEN is a market leader.


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