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Here is a quick explanation of how Covalen used an Aquastore product to solve a business issue with Brown County Utility

Before Covalen got involved
Darrell Glaze, Water Operator, Brown County Water
Other than one big headache, you know its day in, day out. You come in wondering if this is going to work right or if that’s going to work right and we don’t have the storage at the old plant that we do know, because of our million gallon clear well.

Covalen is called in to address:

  • Expanding Services
  • Increasing efficiency of plant
  • Improving overall quality

Lori Young, P.E., R.E. Curry & Associates (Project Engineer)
Brown County  utility was experiencing a number problems with their water treatment plant. They had an insufficient water supply with their existing wells and they were facing significant growth in recent years and looking into the future.

Covalen suggest an Aquastore Solution
Lori Young, P.E., R.E. Curry & Associates (Project Engineer)
We looked at the Aquastore bolted glass fused to steel tanks. We also looked at the painted welded steel tanks and also a bolted stainless steel tank alternative. Through a number of conversations with other utilities, visits to other plants and I believe they may have even made a visit to the factory where your tanks are produced. They really were very pleased with the alternative of the Aquastore tank, for the long time maintenance life cycle cost was really one of the primary objectives in their planning.

Everyone was pleased with the results
Board Members | Service Operators | Citizens
Darrell Glaze, Water Operator, Brown County Water
On our recycles we are saving roughly one hundred and twenty thousand one each backwash, rather than putting it back in the creek.

Ellen Masteller, Office Manager, Brown County Water
We are providing great water right now, better than we have ever produced before. Our plant operator is smiling when he comes in and when he leaves everyday, which is unlike what was happening when he was operating out of our old plant.

Steve Huffman, Field Manager, Brown County Water
It’s like night and day. It would be the difference from, say maybe going from a pitcher pump to a shallow well, if you’re familiar with that.

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