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Put TOPAZ on your truck
and to work for you today!  

Put TOPAZ on your truck and to work for you today!  

A brilliant Little Pump / Revolutionizing Pump Portability

Topaz pump Features and Benefits:

  • ¾ HP grinder/ effluent pump capable of delivering 11-14 GPM at 5-40 PSI (92’ head)
  • Replaces most ½, ¾, 1 and 2 HP sewage grinder or effluent pumps
  • High performance progressing cavity pump design for medium pressure applications to 40 PSI+
  • Large non-clogging grinder assembly
  • Superior grinding mechanism eliminates mid-grind clogging
  • 115 volt and 240 volt, single phase models available
  • Long life construction suitable for continuous municipal, institutional or industrial applications
  • Ideal for small 1 1/4” horizontally bored discharge lines to gravity or force main sewer connections
  • Superior progressing cavity pump design vs. centrifugal pump
  • Local stock and local support


Provided by: Covalen

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