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Prairie Dog Boring Equipment

Boring with all Prairie Dog machines is simple. The basic thing to remember is that you need proper setup. Watch the video, read your instructions thoroughly, understand what the equipment is engineered to do and you can bore a hole easily and successfully.
Simply dig a small trench, align the drill stem in the trench and connect your fluid source to the machine. Then install your drill stem and pilot bit, and turn on the water.

Start the bit rotating and advance the machine forward.  Add drill stem until you come out at your target point. Then remove the pilot bit, replace it with the desired size of backreamer and reverse through the pilot hole.

Ditch the Missiles

Missiles can end up anywhere but where you aim them including the middle of the road. Soil conditions dictate whether they can be used at all. Missiles can get stuck or lost altogether along with a significant investment which leads you to making a major decision. Dig it out and tear up what you were trying to avoid disturbing in the first place or leave it there and buy another one. This won’t happen with a Prairie Dog Machine. Our machines will work in a variety of soil conditions and just by design accuracy is much better.


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