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Turnkey Package Submersible Pump Stations

Fast and easy install, long life, compact, huge capacity; Flexible configuration

The OneLift by Oldcastle Precast, provides a standard turnkey submersible pump station product with the distinction of having a sole-source point of responsibility. The OneLift Pump Station is designed with an integral valve vault built into the unused top portion of the wet well, which yields a single-structure product, that solves the problems of differential settlement found with the conventional 2-structure systems.

Benefits include:

  • Allows for thinner walls and prevents solid accumulation
  • Results in a single structure system reducing footprint up to 50% while eliminating potential differential settlement problems
  • All piping, values, and accessories are installed and tested in controlled factory conditions
  • Designed to prevent flotation without requiring surface resistance of additional weight


Provided by: Covalen

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