Covalen is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company provides energy and water/wastewater infrastructure solutions that have improved the operations, financial results, and quality of life of its customers. Covalen’s primary geographic markets are Indiana, central and northern Illinois, central and southern Ohio, northern Kentucky, and the Carolinas.

Covalen is unique in that it applies internal engineering resources to help design, install and operate energy and water/wastewater infrastructure solutions, in addition to selling system components. This added value helps ensure that the solutions are well designed and cost-effective, and fulfill customer expectations.

Recent industry awards are tangible evidence of our innovative and results-driven approach to serving our clients. Covalen is the proud recipient of:

  • ASHRAE’s 2009 National Technology Award
  • 2010 Indiana Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence, Energy and Renewable Resources

Covalen has also become the leading supplier of application engineering expertise for low pressure sewer systems, and is the largest distributor of low pressure sewer solutions in the USA.